Arts Galore

Arts galore

#ArtGalore Token

ArtsGalore TOKENS given you access to:

1. First pick at future collections dropped by artist through the gallery.

2. WL spots on all NFT projects that would like to use ArtsGalore as their IRL partner.

3. Invitation to Private Parties / Artist Launches.

4. Percentage of profits made by gallery annually will be divided among holders of the NFT.

5. Annual Artwork Giveaways.

ArtGalore ELITE TOKENS, in addition to

1. All the benefits of ArtsGalore holders.

2. Artist meet and greet at the Private parties and artist launches.

3. Private cigar lounge in all branches of ArtsGalore where elite members can meet, dine and are able to hold meetings with their guests.

4. The ability to commission an Artist through the gallery to make an NFT/IRL Artwork to their specification.

5. 1.5 times the profit share compared to ArtsGalore members.

6. Each time an event is held, Plane tickets/hotel stays will be raffled among the elite members and certain elite members will have fully paid vacations to the ArtsGalore event.

Arts Galore

View partial collection at Sanam Cars

Main collection by Appointments Only.

Call +971 432 623 90 for inquiries

Monday - Saturday: 11:30am - 8:00pm

Sunday - Closed